For hotel, whole seller

H.I.S is one of leading travel agency in Thailand with branches all of the world. We introduce travelers to our partner hotels using our worldwide network in Thailand and various countries. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable local staff will respond to your demands promptly.

Our Strength

1. We have a high quality middle class and above Thai customer base with a strong desire for consumption.
H.I.S. has expanded Japanese travel geared toward Thai people over many years. Because we already have a middle class and above customer base that is able to travel to Japan, it is possible to promote domestic travel to them.
2. Not just a simple travel agency, but a "marketing partner"
Because we base things upon "issue resolution type" sales/planning policies for hotels which do not rely on simple price reductions and price competitions, it is possible to create new demand.
3. We have the weapon of "service know-how" which enables global expansion.
H.I.S. has expanded from Japan to 124 cities around the world. It is possible to create services only for Thai people by freely utilizing the know-how we have developed up to now.


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