Frequently Asked Questions

1.About Service

What is Tooktrip ?
It's new domestic online hotel booking website for Thai people in Thailand. We provide both the services of "Online Hotel Booking site" and "Hotel Voucher site" in 1 channel.
What we do for you ?
We provide both the services of "Online Hotel Booking site" and "Hotel Voucher site" in 1 channel
Is there fee to become a membership of Tooktrip?
To anyone that would like to join, you can get a free membership.
What's the Hotel Voucher? What their used for?
Our voucher is a hotel voucher that customer who had buy and would like to stay whenever but should be within period of the voucher only.
Is there different between Booking confirmation and Hotel voucher?
Yes It's different.Booking comfirm is the hotel that customer book the date want to stay and confirm the period of stay. But Hotel Voucher can use whenever and should be within period of the voucher only.
Can I book two products (Hotel & Hotel Voucher) at the same time?
Can not book at the same time. Because of different kind of products.

2.About Payment

How much is the cancellation fee for Hotel Voucher and Hotel Booking?
It depends on the hotel’s policy. but for any amend amount or cancellation please check our Terms and Condition.
Can I contact H.I.S shop if I want to change my booking?
we will provide to change your reservation by phone or email.Please contact our customer support 02-0220918.
Can I make a refund for Hotel Voucher?
In case, if merchant could not provide service then possible to refund, but other condition of hotel could not do this.
What kinds of payment methods does Tooktrip accept?
Customer can make payment using credit card with secure connection, payment at shop counter, bank counter and ATM of popular banks.
Is there any charge fee for payment by credit card?
We will not have any surcharge for payment by credit card.
Can I book for someone else?
Yes, You're welcome to book for someone else also can book for Hotel Voucher as gift to your friend. Please remember to make sure you put the correct guest name for booking hotel and input contact number.
What if I forget to cancel the booking?
If you do not cancel your booking, it will be charged for the entire stay.
I'm having trouble with my Online booking,What should I do?
If you are having difficulties making a booking,feel free to contact us our customers support.